Turning aside to see

I wasn’t the least bit interested in religion. It surely wasn’t for me, or so I thought. But an experience I had shifted my perspective and introduced me to the healing power of Christian Science.

At the time, both my husband and I were in the medical field, and because we were in the “healing” business, a relative had given us a gift subscription to the Sentinel. Because I hadn’t ordered this magazine, I had been throwing the issues out unread as they arrived, but when I learned it was a gift, I decided I should take a look at a few copies. As I read the articles and testimonies of spiritual healing contained in each copy, I had difficulty making sense of the articles, but I did understand the testimonies. Each writer related a real-life problem and told how they prayed to God and were healed. Wow! That was pretty amazing to me, especially considering my professional background. 

For Kids
Hiding under my bed—and finding God
August 27, 2018

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