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From the readers

Thanks so much for printing Shelly Richardson’s interview with Stephanie Simon and her mother, Maria Camaliche–Simon.
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Leaning on God stills life’s storms

Integrity and trust, which I felt had been violated by others, are spiritual qualities that can’t be removed from my life.

To honor and obey God, good, alone

Our all-loving God neither sends nor supports sickness or evil of any kind.
The Christian Science Bible Lesson is not the ending point for daily and weekly prayer. It is the starting point.
I was allowing myself to see her spiritual, eternal nature.
Christlike qualities such as purity, goodness, and love make up the genuine selfhood of every one of us.
For Kids

Nothing to fear

Michael loved his nightly bedtime story.
Testimony of Healing

Impetigo cleared quickly

Our daughter had a healing of impetigo that meant a great deal to our family.
Testimony of Healing

Pain-free and burn-free

My husband and I were cooking dinner together one evening, and were at that critical stage in which everything needs to come off the stove at one time.
Testimony of Healing
Over a year ago, I injured my knee during my evening run.

Desert flowers

We desert flowersReach for the waters of LifeRooted deep in Mind.
'To Bless All Mankind'

The awards and rewards of grasping infinity

With so much news being about the scarcity of things, it may be easy to overlook news about infinity, or rather our understanding of it.
'To Bless All Mankind'
Unless you’re a mathematician, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about the notion of infinity.
When Christ Jesus walked the earth teaching spiritual lessons in everyday language, hearts were moved, minds were given new hope, twisted lives were redeemed, and disease-stricken bodies were healed.
Bible Lens

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