A joyous, empowering standard of care

The scene I saw when walking past a patient’s room looked simply beautiful. Sunlight was streaming into the room and shining on the Christian Science nurse as she helped someone with their dinner. Her face looked calm and satisfied, as if there was no other place she would rather be. Her long experience of caring for many who had turned to Christian Science for healing brought out her fearlessness and seasoned expectation for healing. The atmosphere was peaceful, buoyant.  

Who wouldn’t want an atmosphere of such care surrounding them in any situation? Or to help others with such unselfed love and attentive care when they have a need? This is the standard of care Christ Jesus taught his disciples before his crucifixion as he washed their feet—much to their astonishment. Jesus was deliberate and humble, serving as an example by which the disciples could learn how to carry on Christ’s mission of healing and saving mankind by serving and caring for one another. 

Bible Lens
Bible Lens—February 12–18, 2018
February 12, 2018

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