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From the readers

[Margaret Mayer, “Strive for an enlightened response to news,” Sentinel, January 8, 2018]
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Through Christ every individual can experience healing.

You are worthy of God’s redeeming love

The Christly love that Jesus expressed is here right now assuring us that we, too, are worthy of healing. 
God’s ideas are already complete, whole.
I longed to regain hope and to rebuild our lives.
For Teens
Now I can’t imagine a life without the knowledge and awareness of God, of Truth and Love.
Testimony of Healing

Cancer healed

After a 21-year career in the United States military, I was undergoing annual VA.
Testimony of Healing

Acute pain healed

Several years ago, I ran my first 5k Turkey Trot with a large group of family and friends.
Testimony of Healing

Eyesight restored

At one point I began losing eyesight in my left eye.
Image and Inspiration

'Lo, to our widening vision dawns ...'

Mount Belukha—highest peak of the Altai Mountains, Russia
'To Bless All Mankind'
The head of Kobe Steel, a giant manufacturer of metal products in Japan, made a rare admission on October 12, 2017.
'To Bless All Mankind'

Leading with humility

It’s tempting to buy into the common belief that having a high opinion of oneself is the route to accomplishing great things.
It’s in our humble willingness to serve one another that we learn to heal.
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