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From the readers

[Name Withheld, “Are you struggling or striving?
On the web: The following JSH-Online.

Widening the scope of our prayers

I realized I had been too lukewarm in my efforts to pray for humanity.
The “arm” of God symbolizes the spiritual and universal power of divine Truth and Love.

Shred the evidence of error

God is the creator of each of His children, and no hate, anger, or intent to harm can exist within them.
I really got down on my (mental) knees.
Dialogue With The World

The realism that heals

The basic point of the column “Positively negative” makes a lot of good sense.

God spoke to me

For a second time, and even a third, I heard the same voice telling me to pray.
TeenConnect: Trending
A heavy course load. A looming project. Lots of extracurriculars. What’s a student to do? This author found that understanding God as the “engine” for her endeavors helped to remove stress and ensure success.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of injured ribs

A few summers ago on a Saturday afternoon, I took my wife and some friends out on our boat on Lake Michigan.
Testimony of Healing

Twisted ankle healed

Last summer I severely twisted my ankle during a run.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of a gum abscess

In 1998 I had a gum abscess that was continually irritating me.
Image and Inspiration

'Arise, shine; for thy light is come ...'

We can devote ourselves to understanding the unwavering truth of the universe, including man’s spiritual wholeness and completeness.
Bible Lens

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