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Why ...?
In July 2017, we launched the “Why …?

Healthy in all seasons

No one has to live with the tormenting worry, “Will I be the next to get sick?” 

Love to the rescue

You are not actually caught in a human set of circumstances filled with personalities with separate egos, agendas, and wills.  
Could I have the centurion’s conviction when appealing to the Christ in my own healing work?
God never created a grieving image and likeness.
When we quietly seek to understand the wisdom that is from God, we can undergo a change in thought, transforming us from the inside out.
TeenConnect: UpFront
When we pray for healing, are we changing something? Getting God to intervene in our lives? This author dives into the “how” of healing and looks at what’s really happening.
TeenConnect: My church

An open invitation

When attending church started to feel like a big inconvenience, this author “put it all out there” in his prayers and asked God why he needed to go to church anyway. The answer he got gave him a very different perspective on that Sunday morning commitment.
Testimony of Healing
About a year and a half ago I found myself struggling with tremendous grief because of the passing of dear friends.
Testimony of Healing
As a student of Christian Science, I am so grateful for the understanding that God is always there for His beloved children, meeting every need with love.
Testimony of Healing

Severe cough healed

A few years ago I came down with a cold that developed into a severe cough with much discomfort.
Image and Inspiration

'O weary pilgrim, lift your head ...'

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Christian Science as the law of Love will continue to open the way for all to experience wholeness and healing.
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