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[Deb Hensley, “The teapot and the right stuff,” Sentinel, November 27, 2017]
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Why ...?

Why share the periodicals?

As a staff editor for The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald, I’ve had the pleasure of reading hundreds of inspiring articles and testimonies of healing, by people who answer this very question in each piece they write.
I began my prayers by thinking about my motive.
What does God know about man? Everything! And it’s all good.
Utilizing spiritual resources breaks through limitation.
How I Found Christian Science

Gratitude beyond words

The incredible had happened! My GI husband had survived the war, and after six years of living through World War II in England, I was finally with him in America.
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
In 1944, a series of physical exams for enlistment in the United States Armed Forces consistently indicated I had contracted tuberculosis.
During the ride to church one Sunday I got a stomachache.
Testimony of Healing
After a recent weekend full of family activities and long drives, I started to feel physically ill.
Testimony of Healing
One afternoon, I stepped over a child safety gate at the top of the stairs and accidentally slipped down three steps, twisting and hurting my foot.
Testimony of Healing
I am grateful to my loving parents for sharing the spiritual truths of Christian Science with their children.
Testimony of Healing

Knee injuries healed

I’ve had four major healings involving my knees.
Testimony of Healing

Cut healed instantly

While living in St.

Perfection intact

All of God’s qualities are spiritual, beautiful,untouched by matter, accident, or age.
As sons and daughters of the Divine we always reflect the ever-freshness of God as immortal Mind.
Bible Lens

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