Refuse to hate—yield to Love

Whether it’s extremist hate groups or the anger of a neighbor, hatred can seem like an insurmountable wall. However, even in the midst of its emotional push and pull, we are not powerless. We can refuse to meet hate with hate. However threatening hatred may appear to be, we can yield to God’s love. God is Love, and Love is always operating, replacing anything unlike Love. 

The omnipotence of Love’s dynamic presence and its inevitable influence and impact are best illustrated with the immediacy of light replacing shadow. God, Love, operates through law—a moral and spiritual force.  Christian Science refers to this moral and spiritual force as the law of God, good, the law of Life, Truth, and Love. This law of God governs and guides all the varied expressions of God.  

Bible Lens
Bible Lens—September 4–10, 2017
September 4, 2017

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