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[“The healing power of Mother Love,” Deborah Huebsch, March 13, 2017, Sentinel]
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Confronted by negative thoughts about his own skin color, this traveler prayed with the ideas he’d learned in Christian Science and was able to “cherish the idea that skin [color] was unable at any moment to become an obstacle and to keep us from expressing spiritual qualities.”
Like the study of music, the study of Christian Science brings great joy and satisfaction—and it also brings healing. 
We practice God-impelled boldness as we see and hold fast to spiritual truth.
Sorting, cleaning, organizing, gardening, banking, emailing, and cooking are a few important life skills one can learn.

don't let the world

“don’t letthe world around yousqueeze youinto itsown mould” *
Note: Public court records in a bankruptcy case may seem an unlikely place to find inspiration.
My family and I traveled to Florida for a Thanksgiving vacation near the beach.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of pain and confusion

Several years ago, I had planned to fly cross-country to visit a friend, but on the day of the flight, I awoke with a number of disturbing symptoms, including intense pain and mental confusion.
Testimony of Healing
When I graduated from high school in South Korea, I was hoping to pursue a college education in the United States.
Testimony of Healing
It was early morning, still quite dark, as I walked my dog, Dusty, before work.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of sudden pain

In the autumn of 2015 I was going through some correspondence at home, which required a phone call to a bank.


One day my Father said to me,“Perfection is infinity.

The perfect friendship

Our perfect and unbroken friendship with God becomes the basis for understanding the spiritual nature of all true friendships. 
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