Quick healing after a fall

Early one morning last year, while guests were still sleeping, I went outside to water plants and new grass. In order to reach hanging flower pots on a second-story deck, I climbed the stairs to water from above. As I turned to go back down the stairs, I felt the hose wrapped around one ankle. In an attempt to free my foot, I tried to jump out of the loop (as I’d done on previous occasions), but the momentum tightened the hose and flung my body over the railing headfirst to the concrete patio below. With my hands still at my side, there was nothing to break the fall. 

I was raised learning how to trust divine Science and always depend on the law of God for my safety and care—to seek Him through prayer as the only remedy for all needs. At this moment, I turned to my Father-Mother God.

God’s will
December 11, 2017

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