Severe condition healed

I’ve learned in Christian Science that a condition manifested bodily is really mental in nature. So a contagious condition is not actually caused by the physical spread of germs from a so-called infectious disease, but by the spread of fearful thoughts about germs and other so-called physical causes. But this mental contagion is nullified when through spiritual understanding we mentally refuse to give our consent to contagion.

We have the God-given ability not to give our consent to be sick, but to correct such thoughts through prayer. This enables us to build a strong defense in our thoughts, based on the understanding of our spiritual identity as a divine idea of God, secure under God’s government, untouched by any suggestion of disease. 

An opportunity presented itself to learn about this when, a few days after I’d visited with a neighbor, his wife called to tell me her husband was suffering from a viral infection, a condition believed to be highly contagious. At about the same time I began to experience considerable pain and was barely able to move. 

Testimony of Healing
Study of Science and Health dissolves antipathy
November 21, 2016

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