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Shut the door on evil!

An important early step in healing includes shutting the door on error, on the belief that we are material.

Our direct connection with God

There is a divine order of connection with the Supreme Being that is uncomplicated and always immediate.
Impersonalizing evil is always the best way to make nothing of its attempts to invade and dominate.

An invitation

The following invitation from the Editors was previously published in a few 2014 issues of the Sentinel.
Primary Class Instruction

Armed with understanding

When my Christian Science teacher accepted my application for Primary class instruction, I thought I was about to take an academic and intellectual course, where I would be informed of the teacher’s opinions and various hypotheses propounded by scholars.

Our unity with God

I gradually came to see there was absolutely no cause besides God.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

No more earaches

The best way I can think of to give thanks for the Science of Christ is to testify to the effectiveness of Christian Science in my own life.
Testimony of Healing
Spiritual intuition—a clear, calm sense of divine direction and guidance—is something I’ve come to value and completely trust.
Testimony of Healing
Some time ago, while walking in the woods, I ran out of path and found myself in underbrush.
Testimony of Healing

Safe in God

During the summer of 2014, I was abroad with some teens like me who are Christian Scientists.
Articles (Continued)

Divine sonship

As thoughts of fear and self-condemnation poured in, she spoke aloud, “Dear God, I put my hand in Yours.” 
When we approach our responsibilities to children with an understanding of their and our inherent spiritual maturity, we can go forward with a greater degree of confidence.

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