Signs of chickenpox disappear

When my daughter was five years old, she and I set out on a hike to the top of a mountain about 100 miles away from where we lived. It had been two weeks since she had been sent home from school with a notice that a child in her class had chickenpox. The note included a list of symptoms parents should watch for over the next 14 days. The school, which was run and attended by Christian Scientists, was following a law that required them to alert families of certain contagious diseases.

As a parent, I appreciated the notice, but I was also committed to adhering to the law of God’s good for all, which is ever present and protects all of Her creation. The kindergarten “mothers’ club” hosted a special meeting to share the strong healing truths of being as taught in the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. I went away from that meeting with the conviction that childhood diseases are not inevitable and that God loves and cares for each of Her children in the most profound way. Everyone is mothered and fathered by God, protected and guided, so that nothing but good actually has power in anyone’s life.

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Spiritual education of our children
May 11, 2015

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