Never left out

This past summer I was at the beach with my family. One day I was walking back from the pool to our villa, and my legs became very irritated. I couldn’t walk normally or run at all. I was really sad because I was supposed to play tennis the next day. I told my mom, and she said we could pray about it.

“God’s feathers can’t be ruffled,” she said. I knew that God didn’t actually have feathers! So I prayed about what she meant, since she had said that many times before. She meant God is not ruffled, impressed, or upset, so as His reflection, I can’t be either. God’s thoughts are gentle and calm, and mine can be, too.

I kept praying, since I still couldn’t walk normally. So I went back to my mom, and she told me that she had the same problem years ago, and it was healed really quickly. She had walked miles on the beach when this problem happened, and she needed to walk miles back. So she told me she’d prayed with a few ideas. One of them was that she was praying to know she was spiritual, not material. Also, she remembered that she was having trouble with someone in her family. And she saw it was mortal mind, or error, trying to make her upset and present this ugly picture of irritation on her body. Then she thought about how God’s “feathers are not ruffled!” 

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February 23, 2015

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