Pets and endless life

Anyone who has pets knows what a wonderful feeling it is to arrive home and be greeted with wagging tails and welcoming purrs. The companionship, loyalty, and love shown by pets is indeed one of life’s great treasures. But what do we do when one of our dear pets passes on?

Several months ago our small 16-year-old dog, Hudson, passed away. He had experienced many wonderful healings in his life through our family’s total reliance on Christian Science. For example, when my wife and I were traveling in another state, our daughter called to inform us that she thought Hudson was passing on. My wife flew home, and we were both praying for Hudson. Through prayer alone, Hudson was healed. Years later, Hudson stopped eating and drinking. Again, it looked as if he might pass on. Through prayer alone, Hudson was healed and went back to eating and drinking normally at mealtimes. I am so grateful that the effectiveness of Christian Science extends to the health care of pets as well as to all mankind.

Spiritual Olympians
February 3, 2014

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