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Many thanks to Curt Wahlberg and the Sentinel for his article “The ‘miracle of Christmas’ continues” [December 23, 2013].

Ending the blame game

The courage to stand up and take responsibility for our actions often requires strength and humility, but when the motive is pure and good, the results will bless all.

Don’t take it personally

I’ve found it helpful to pray–to align my thought with the understanding that man was created by God as spiritual.
As I refused to see Hudson as matter buried in matter, sorrow gave way to a peaceful joy.

Spiritual Olympians

None of us can ever walk away from God, good. God is the ultimate “coach.”
Spiritual Lens

Washed clean

In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
What if you were invited to a film debut, only to discover the dialogue was in Urdu, an Indian and Pakistani language?
What The Christian Science Monitor means to me

A mission I support

When I was about six, my family and I went on vacation to Tahiti.
Testimony of Healing

Stolen car found

One Saturday morning, as our family began its weekend activities, my wife came into the house asking where one of our cars was.
Testimony of Healing

Finger mended quickly

When leaving work recently, I received a text message from my daughter-in-law saying that my granddaughter had broken her pinky knuckle.
Testimony of Healing

Assault stopped

One day I went on foot to meet my older sister at work so we could walk home together.
Testimony of Healing

Foot injury healed

One day several years ago, I read the article “Speedy Recovery—a Motorcyclist’s Story” by Lynde McCormick.
From the Editors
The saving power of Christ, Truth, can heal all people at all times in all nations.

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