Dizziness gone

About a year ago, I awoke in the middle of the night feeling extremely dizzy. In my head I was spinning violently, and I felt unwell as a result. I stayed in bed the next morning, to the disappointment of my family. They are accustomed to a vibrant and healthy wife and mother, not someone who stays in bed. In our active lives, there is no time to be anything but free and vivacious.

My family supported me throughout the morning by reading me that week’s Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly and staying close by my side. I also called a Christian Science practitioner for metaphysical treatment. At one point, as I ran to the bathroom feeling nauseous, I heard an angel message, “This is a lie!” It was so strong and clear that it was as if someone had yelled it in my ear. I understood it as a reminder that our Father-Mother God, who is wholly good, did not make sickness, so any belief that I could be sick was a lie. The effect of knowing this truth was immediate. One second I was leaning against the wall, dizzy and ill, and the next I stood up, free. I was healed right then and there. I realized my identity as God’s child was never in jeopardy. I just needed to accept my God-given freedom and refuse to listen to mortal mind’s falsehoods.

Testimony of Healing
Renewal and healing
January 6, 2014

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