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[“Resentment-free,” Ellen Austin, “Living Christian Science Today” blog, April 11, 2013]
I loved my dad in that moment as I never had before.
Isn't this process of search with no rescue akin to mesmerism?

Footsteps of thought

I'm always protected as God's loved idea, and nothing can separate me from this love.
Leide Lessa was the guest on this live JSH-Online chat earlier this year.

Letting go

When I lived in the San Diego area, one of my favorite pastimes was walking on the beach.
Spiritual Lens


Elisha, partner of the oxen,           StrongJesus, child of the manger,           Gentle 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Eternally safe

God’s protection is eternal and ever present—a life-preserver.
The Touch of Class

Walking in 'the way'

My parents left Christian Science when I was a teenager.

God is good

What do you love most about God?
Testimony of Healing

Skin condition gone

About four years ago, I started experiencing some skin problems similar to a serious condition I had seen on TV.
Testimony of Healing
A healing I listened to on a recent Sentinel audio podcast brought back a flood of gratitude for God and Christian Science as I remembered a similar healing with our son.
Testimony of Healing

Our only need

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy wrote: “Human theories are helpless to make man harmonious or immortal, since he is so already, according to Christian Science.
Testimony of Healing

Freed from sadness

Over two decades ago, after going through an emotional divorce, I fell into a state of depression.
Testimony of Healing

No lapse in memory

A few years ago, while I was driving home from a shopping trip, I suddenly felt very strange.
From the Editors
Our prayers can stand as beacons of light for humanity to find rest and safety.

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