The passing of the sea gull

We are pleased to share this article that originally appeared in the April 4, 1927, issue of The Christian Science Monitor. 

Two women sat upon the deck of an ocean liner in that sweetly satisfying silence which only true friends can understand. One of them had recently experienced what seemed to be the supreme tragedy of her life in the passing from her sight of a loved one, and there was still an ache in her heart which her friend had been endeavoring to assuage by tender, comforting assurances regarding Life and immortality. The one who had been listening sat quietly, her hands folded, trying to grasp what had just been said, and at the same time idly watching the sea gulls play about the mast as the ship plowed its way over the dancing waters. Presently she noticed that one of the gulls had left the others, circling ever higher and higher, until it was evident that it had separated itself from them altogether and was taking a course straight away from the ship. On and on it flew, steadily, surely, its strong white wings outspread, until it became but a mere speck in the sky and finally was lost sight of altogether.

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