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[“Learning from Peter,” Kim Green, September 16, 2013, Sentinel]

Enveloped in Love

Love simply doesn’t end, since something that is All-in-all can’t have an edge or borderline.

'Thinking for the ages'

There may be billions of problems in the world, but a few faithful workers and some granules of Truth can change everything.

The passing of the sea gull

Let us ever think aright about those who have passed beyond that blue horizon.
One God ensures dignity, safety, and the unfoldment of good for everyone.

Regret or reveal?

How do we look beyond regret to reveal a change in thought that can result in healing?
Spiritual Lens

An elevated standpoint

While canoeing one day on Flagstaff Lake, Maine, I was awestruck by this huge driftwood tree stump.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Growing Godward

This week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Probation After Death,” asks us to ponder deep questions about life after death.
This article was originally posted as a “Dear Me” blog on time4thinkers.

Blessings at basketball tryouts

I knew that all my ability came from God.
Your Daily Lift

Joyous confession

When I was a manager in software development, my team members were often surprised at my genuine happiness when they told me they’d discovered a bug in the operational software.
Testimony of Healing

I said, 'No,' to suicide

I attended Christian Science Sunday Schools from the age of three, and there was always a sign on the wall stating, “God Is Love”.
Testimony of Healing
I became acquainted with Christian Science when I was dating the man who later became my husband.
Testimony of Healing
At one time many years ago, I found myself in a dark place.
Testimony of Healing

Business bounces back

Many years ago, I was faced with a failing business.
From the Editors
Do we really want to sleep on—stay in the deadening material sense of existence?

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