My healings!

One time, our pet hermit crab disappeared and I was very upset. I was very attached to this little crab. It was getting dark and cold, a storm was coming that night, and he might not survive. My mom reminded me of the movie The Polar Express where the boy believed and wonderful things happened! She said, “Let’s believe that God will direct us to the hermit crab.” So I sat down, and I listened to God. Suddenly I jumped up and had an idea where my mom and I should look. We walked to that area, and there we found hermit crab tracks. Finally, right before it got dark, we found the crab clinging to a bush.

Another time I was windsurfing. I got really frustrated because I couldn’t tack. So I threw down the sail. And just then I slipped and fell. My ankle got caught in between the mast and the board. It hurt, but instead of crying, I prayed. I knew that God was with me. Then I got the strength to get up, get some speed, tack, and go back upwind to my mom, dad, and my friend. My ankle stopped hurting. When I got back to shore and thought about it, I saw how being frustrated and throwing down the sail was wrong. I knew my ankle didn’t hurt anymore because I was with God!

The pure joy of running
July 18, 2011

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