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I love the Sentinel covers! I love their colorfulness and graphics, which evoke a hopeful image, and also their joy and lightness.

Living compassion

“I can’t remember a time when I’ve regretted being compassionate,” Margaret Rogers remarks in the Sentinel’s cover story this week.
Items of Interest
Churches in Japan are still desperately trying to confirm the safety of their parishioners.
Items of Interest
Women of the world came together on Friday [March 4] to pray for the world-wide movement of Christian women during the World Day of Prayer.
Items of Interest
In response to the tumultuous political struggles unfolding around the globe, KidSpirit Online, the award-winning online magazine and forum for teenagers, launched its spring issue [March 7] on the topic of Conflict and Peacemakers.
Sentinel Watch
Through giving, we fulfill this royal law, and more clearly identify ourselves as spiritual, the expression of a loving God. We reflect His Love, Principle, and Soul.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
This week’s Bible Lesson, titled “Probation After Death,” for reading in churches on Easter Sunday, addresses and clarifies what Christian Science classifies as the false belief, or illusion, called death, and reveals the Science of Life, the eternal God.
How I Found Christian Science

My search for harmony

I knew about God, but what I truly desired was to know God.
It helps to keep a spiritually informed perspective on the meaning of "acceptance."

Offer your talent to the world

We each have something special to share–and God ensures it can't be hidden.

Inspired parenting

Excerpts from a live Sentinel Web chat with Mark Swinney, C.S.B.

Sigh for compassion

No one can be outside the range of compassion that's adequate to every need.

Bible-inspired compassion

A Christian Science nurse and Bible scholar shares insights on compassion.

Love for my neighbors

Following the impulse to love one's neighbor is at the heart of this piece.
Following the impulse to love one's neighbor is at the heart of this piece.
Spiritual Focus on Books
Compassion demands that we dethrone ourselves.

Getting it all done

Two college students look to the Bible and Science and Health for answers in school.

Project management

Two college students look to the Bible and Science and Health for answers in school.
Church Alive

No back seats

Recognizing ourselves as practitioners of Christian Science is certainly something we should all be addressing in our own thoughts and prayers.
Through a spiritual lens

Yellowstone morning

Last September, I camped on the shore of the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming—the largest body of water at high elevation in North America.
Testimony of Healing

Back pain healed

I’ve known that Christian Science works from the first few days that I attended a Christian Science church in 2004, where I heard story after story of how scientific prayer heals.
Testimony of Healing
My husband and I had recently relocated to a new state, and I had just started a new job, when I found out I was pregnant with our first child.
Testimony of Healing

Son healed of appendicitis

At one time, Paulo, my youngest son, complained of severe abdominal pain, fever, and great discomfort.
From the Editors
God designed us to love one another, care for one another, minister to one another.

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