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The articles on prayer in the September 19 Sentinel [“How does prayer work?

Excuse me, but there’s a mote in your eye . . .

Judgment is a topic we’re all probably familiar with, whether we’ve been on the sending or receiving end of unkind assessments at one point or another.
Items of Interest
At the invitation of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, leaders from five historic centers of Christianity in the eastern Mediterranean region have met [September 1] to discuss matters of regional and global concern.
Items of Interest
At first glance, the blown-up plastic bags affixed to a jungle gym-like frame residing in a University of California courtyard look like a piece of public art, pure and simple.

A God-listening heart

Our judgments, informed by prayer, can be a healing rather than a harsh presence in the lives of others. 

Eyes opened by a stranger

During a time of judgment toward a particular ethic group, an encounter at a gas station stirs this writer to recognize the spiritual identity of all. 

Good call

Appreciating one's God-given "name and nature" is better than categorizing our neighbor. 

The celebration

A bunch of thoughts were sitting around the kitchen table during the party.
Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

From tears to smiles

When my daughter was three years old, I got a new car.
A college student writes candidly about a topic that can be difficult to talk about.
A study project leads to "aha moments" and healing.
1 cup of needing to feel close to our heavenly Father-Mother God

Invitation to the dance

Interview with Margaret Willis, international journalist and former ballet dancer, who shares her thoughts on topics ranging from national elections to parenting.

Running out—or running over?

God's care for us manifests itself in substantial, and sometimes surprising, ways.
Church Alive

Red sneakers

He asked with a smile, “Where are your red shoes?” My eyes brimmed with tears of joy and relief.
Sentinel Watch
Opening inmates’ eyes to their true deeper nature as the “image and likeness of God,” can set them on a new path. 
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Stay in the race

We are never left wandering in the wilderness.
Testimony of Healing
Christian Science came to my life as a gift from God, and I experienced many healings along the way.
Testimony of Healing

Growth on leg gone

A little more than a year ago a peculiar, small growth appeared on my leg.
Testimony of Healing
Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
From the Editors

A reason for hope

Such prayer is more than just a wishful hope. It is hope infused with spiritual knowledge. 

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