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Picking up the pieces

It was nearly midnight when my husband pulled away in his loaded pickup truck.


Coming home
Items of interest

Items of interest

"THE WORLD IS IN A CRISIS, and the answer to that is more spirituality — not from any one religion in particular, but from a variety of faiths and better cooperation.
God is a restorer. If things are falling apart in your life, that doesn't have to continue.
Even when the financial picture is bleak, prayer offers a way out of debt and into God's blessings.
When divorce put everything in his life on the line, the writer was impelled to learn an important lesson: The nature of your problems isn't as important as the way in which you deal with them.

I was angry at God

Angry at God? At first she thought she was furious at Him. That is, until she realized that meant being angry at good itself— the very good she yearned for.
The best alternative to acute or chronic worry is prayer, which stops it in its tracks.
A woman's tendency to feel constant gloom, heaviness, and concern about hereditary depression ends with the spiritual understanding that "life is for enjoying."
SPIRITUAL focus on television

Seeing the 'face of God'

As the opening credits roll on the Friday night CBS series Joan of Arcadia, the theme song, "One of Us," plays in the background, posing provocative questions about God.
I'm one of the coaches on my children's swim team.

My way to contribute

The next in our continuing series on what church membership can do for you, your neighbor, and the world.
As a boy, I sometimes sailed boats off the white, palm-fringed beaches of Mozambique.

Who me? A candidate?

Millions are already thinking about voting in this year's United States presidential election.
Testimony of Healing

I knew that the love of God was ruling all His children in every aspect of life—with no exception.

Testimony of Healing
At the end of last summer, I was relaxing in the country for a few days.
Testimony of Healing

Knife wound healed

One afternoon about a month ago, I was in the kitchen baking some biscuits.
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FROM THE editors
'I am woman, hear me roar!" —so said the pop song of the 1970s.

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