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Prayer-based immunity

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If only billboards along all highways worldwide were like the signs described by Susan Omar in "My prayer on the road to Alexandria," published in the April 21 issue.
items of interest

items of interest

"NO MATTER WHAT A PERSON MAY BELIEVE ABOUT WHO JESUS IS —a good man, moral teacher, prophet, God—the fact remains that he set a high standard for healing in life and death: the miracle.
Threats to public health demand that people take action. And we can do it by praying about contagious situations, which includes facing down our fears.
Here's how one world traveler has found protection from illness, opportunities for new friendships, and the ability to help other people—all by honoring the sovereign power of God.

prayer vs. contagion

Confronted with illness, this author's began this way: "Father, help me. I don't want to be sick. What do I need to understand to be well?"

My effort for PEACE in the Middle East

There's renewed talk of working toward a settlement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Every prayer we voice for peace helps further this goal, chipping away at conflict and terror.

Prayers for peace

Selected responses to the Sentinel's request for prayers for the world.
Finding divine guidance in everyday situations is a natural thing to do. And it doesn't take time to see exciting results.

Can I like myself?

It's never egotistical arrogant to value the good things you do, when you honor God as the power behind them.

Making time for what you love

In the juggling act between work, family, and recreation, prayer helped this musician find a way to keep herself in tune—without struggle or sacrifice.

Films that inspire

In January 1993, author and movie producer Stephen Simon had an experience that changed his life.

Challenging assumptions

Protesting voices have been raised at China's apparent mishandling of the SARS contagion.
Testimony of Healing

contagious disease healed quickly

I felt reassured that God was communicating assuring messages to me and and everyone.

Testimony of Healing
Many years ago, I was enrolled in a new school in the eighth grade.
Testimony of Healing

Recurring convulsions healed

For more than two years I occasionally suffered from convulsions caused by indigestion.
Healing comes right along with spiritual growth when you're studying Christian Science.
Some observers say that the key to our economic future lies in consumer behavior.

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