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A foundation for prayer

As people Around The World turn their attention from television images of war to the colossal work that it will take to rebuild and restore the shattered lives, economy, and infrastructure of Iraq, individuals from countries across the globe may ask, "What can I do to contribute to this effort?


I really enjoyed the interview with Dr.
items of interest

items of interest

"Parents must lead by example and show children the importance of forging friendships with peers from different racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Aid and restoration for the war-torn

The most important phase is already underway—the healing process. Prayer is what will help to further it.

Change, sea legs, and rebuilding

Even in the middle of turmoil and change, people can express beautiful, constructive qualities of God, which will bring progress and development.

A return to Vietnam

The guilt and anger tied to past events is not beyond the reach of today's prayer, which can always bring regeneration and forward momentum.
Forgiveness, courage, and compassion all come from God. They are powerful qualities that rebuild lives.

Helping to rebuild their beloved country

In the second of a two-part series, an entrepreneur shares his thoughts on the role spirituality is playing in the reconstruction—and rebirth—of his homeland.

Prayers for peace

Selected responses to the Sentinel's request for prayers for the world.
Immediate help came from a short prayer of petition: "Father, I need Your help!"

Finding the right momentum

As a triathlete, I know how wonderful it feels to be right on track.

To help restore Iraq

As the war in Iraq appears near closure, one's attention naturally turns to the need to reconstruct, or restore, what has been lost.
Testimony of Healing

I prayed for a better feeling of balance in my own life and in the demands of work.

Testimony of Healing
A little over a year ago, I began having muscle spasms in my back.

It can only help for each of us to give consent to the higher laws that impel spontaneous moral remission.

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