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Hope, like faith, is a step.


I wish to thank you for an article by David Holmes titled "Sweet Liberia" that appeared in the August 4 issue.
items of interest

items of interest

"On A Pleasant Day In September, I found myself at a fast-food restaurant, ordering my favorite cheeseburger.
Even when moments of despair mark the hours, there's a reason why we can and should expect to see the blessing of God in our lives.

I chose the LIGHT

 I caught glimpses of the fact that God had made me as His child and was satisfied with how He had done it.

In caring for her parents, the author has tried never to consider physical or mental decline inevitable. And she has seen progress in circumstances where it seemed unlikely.
Thoughts of hope and faith are active. They don't just sit there. They bring healing into your life.

REALITY CHECK in aisle 14

Read this if the demands of the holiday season have you wondering what it's really all about.
Rescue from misery came with realizing that God's love and strength had never been absent.

Prayer for the Pacific islands

World problems like global warming sometimes seem so daunting. It's then that signs of God's hand in individual lives offer hope.

On the same side

I thought we were on opposite sides.

Want to be a star athlete?

If you were a college coach or an NFL recruiter, and you heard about someone who could pass through angry mobs without interference; who could get through blocks as opaque and unyielding as a wall; and whose 40-yard sprint time was zero seconds—wouldn't you be interested in having this guy on your team?
SPIRITUAL focus on books

A visit with Fred Rogers

Excerpts from The World According to Mister Rogers by Fred Rogers


Healing without hope? Sure

Last Month an incident briefly captured headlines in Southern California.
Testimony of Healing

The commitment 'to live love' brings healings

Accidents are no part of God's plan for His beloved children.

Testimony of Healing
After the birth of my first son, I had two miscarriages.
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FROM THE editors
Conversation at a pre-wedding dinner turned to world affairs and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in particular.

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