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I REMEMBER LOOKING ONE DAY at a painting entitled "Peace" by the 19th-century English painter William Strutt.


As a father with two kids under 12, I would like to see again articles in the Sentinel directed toward children.
Items of interest

Items of interest

"For personal reasons, 29.
A man with a passion for raising his sons and teaching his elementary tells today's kids need most in their lives.
When I think about the importance of fathers and the emotional connections they can share with their sons, I recall the biblical father-son pair of Abraham and his firstborn son, Isaac.
The time came when God put Abraham to the test.

Rabo meets Barney

This eight-year-old boy, who hasn't had it easy growing up, is already able to teach others one of life's most important lessons.

The boy knew his papa loved him and must be very disappointed in him.


A letter to my father

Years later, it's interesting to look back and realize what were the most important gifts our parents gave us when we were growing up.


Stand proud, my son,in the morning lightof your teens,fearless as the sun,yet unashamed ofsmall clouds of reticencethat say "think"before you blast your waythrough life's adventure.
Two such as you with such a master speedCannot be parted nor be swept awayFrom one another once you are agreedThat life is only life forevermoreTogether wing to wing and oar to oar.

Helping Andy

Prayer can play an important role—and be a force for healing—in a child's education.

Unharmed and FREE of flashbacks

When threatened with armed robbery, Stephanie and her friend reached out to God—and received the message to respond in some rather unconventional ways.


Erfurt, Germany: After a shooting spree in an Erfurt High School, the German parliament will possibly make a firearms law, passed just last Friday, even stricter.

Does straight talk speed us to take needed action or paralyze us with fear?


----100 years ago

GATHERING NEWS STORIES with a spiritual perspective week by week, we wondered what kinds of material the Sentinel of 100 years ago carried.

Boys will be... men

Boys will be boys.
Testimony of Healing

'I was choosing prayer for healing. This meant directing treatment to the condition of my thought instead of to my body .'

Testimony of Healing

Vision corrected, burns healed

At the time I found out about Christian Science, I was feeling very discouraged.
Testimony of Healing

Who will love me now?

When my mother died seven years ago, I was devastated.
Healing comes right along with spiritual growth when you're studying Christian Science.

How is this 21st century warfare to be fought—and won?

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