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IN THE MIDST of a Sunday morning blizzard, I got a call from a neighbor.


Thank you for the November 4 issue, which is bursting with spiritual inspiration.
items of interest

items of interest

"FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS, my colleagues and I have conducted in-depth, individually administered 30to 40-minute interviews [regarding forming stereotypes and evaluating acts of exclusion based on gender or race] with more than 500 children and adolescents living in different communities around the Washington, D.

How many alarms do we need?

The violence that has been rocking the world can be seen as a giant wake-up call to prayer.
A Marine corporal asks: Is it possible to serve and not be separated from God's care for everyone involved?
Insted of giving up or falling apart when you're feeling vulnerable or in danger, you can discover the prayer that makes a real difference.

Before I board a plane . . .

If you or someone you love is nervous about flying, the author had you in mind when she wrote this article.
It's Christmas Eve, and all the children in the house are suddenly sick. Is the holiday now ruined? Or is this going to be the moment when "the light of Truth" shines brightest?

Prayer when the bottom dropped out

Breaking up was hard to do, but this young woman learned not to cling to the "tatters" of unhappiness.

SAFE on the road

Is there a link between prayer and protection on the highway? The following experience points to a "yes" answer.
Once I finished the first of J.

The child within

She was somewhere under tenoutside playing in the yardwhen something went amiss,so she quickly went inside,passing her mom busy in the kitchen,to her room where she threwherself on the bed and silentlyasked God to help her do better.

----100 years ago

Excerpts from what we were publishing a century ago.
Hanukkah IS a time for religious observance, family, food, and fun.
Testimony of Healing

I sensed that she had exactly what I needed, but I didn't know what it was.

Testimony of Healing

Flu symptoms disappear

One of the first things I learned as a child in Sunday School was not to believe in luck.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of tuberculosis

I began to read Science and Health when I was suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis.
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"Music should infect the world with joy."


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