A question of OUR RIGHTS

As the United States in particular shores up security measures in travel and communications—areas that directly impact personal and public lives—many Americans are concerned that the price of increased safety may be a dangerous loss of civil liberties. They also struggle to see threats of war from different perspectives than their own. The Sentinel asked Dave Mackenroth—a practicing attorney for 30 years specializing in civil litigation in Sacramento and a former US Marine officer—to talk about these issues from both a legal and a spiritual perspective.

Specifically, what are people most concerned about? What freedoms—civil rights—are in jeopardy?

We're facing whether or not the standards for search-and-seizure are going to be relaxed. Also whether or not the government is going to seek stronger rights to investigate not just known criminals, but anyone who comes under suspicion. And that means allowing the government to look into an individual's business, banking accounts, donations to certain types of organizations, and religious affiliations.

MY PRAYER for the Afghan People
October 14, 2002

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