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A very present help ...

When I was a teenager, my brother, Brice, was sent to Vietnam.


Thank you for the wonderful issue of September 9.
items of interest

items of interest

"The Mormon Church and evangelical faiths grew during the last decade while more liberal Protestant denominations shrank, according to a new census of US religions conducted by a Roman Catholic research group.
What are some concerns in your country about a possible conflict between the United States and Iraq? How are you praying about them? The answers the Sentinel got to these two questions were informed, constructive, and inspiring.

A question of OUR RIGHTS

An attorney who specializes in civil litigation discusses the impact of heightened US security measures on individual civil rights, and offers his insights on how to pray about disputes.

MY PRAYER for the Afghan People

How one person prayed for people thousands of miles away who were suffering the effects of war and drought—and felt her prayers making a difference.
Ryder Stevens, a chaplain in the US Army, has been deployed to combat three times, including Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He says prayer has never failed to overcome his fears, and he sees it as the ultimate hope in the days to come.

'MINERS ...a different breed'

A mine inspector for the US Government saw evidence of God's hand in July's dramatic rescue of nine trapped miners in Pennsylvania.

In her true light ...

Following the opening of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity on September 29, the Sentinel continues printing excerpts from the collection of previously unpublished writings.

A step into the new inevitable

For as far back as I can remember, I got at least one cold each winter, and sometimes several.
Testimony of Healing

Interfaith couple prays together for healing

One of my favorite Bible stories that I learned as a child in the Christian Science Sunday School was Daniel in the lions' den.
Testimony of Healing
I first started wrestling with bouts of depression as a teenager.
Spiritual thinkers—and do-ers—don't have to believe that they are helpless.

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