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To Our Readers

The hamster's name was Nibbles, because of his habit of nibbling the hand that fed him.


The article "Mother's Helper".
items of interest

items of interest

In an article for Habitat World, Millard Fuller, the founder of Habitat for Humanity International, a nonprofit organization that provides low-cost housing around the world, spoke about the Bible's message in relation to helping the poor.

Because Life loves you

Is suicide ever really an answer? This author shows why it isn't and offers tender comfort and encouragement for those facing apparently hopeless conditions. But his message isn't only for those feeling desperate. It's gift of cheer—and a call to action—for all.

What I learned from the cows

Imagine big, fat cows cowering in the face of a little schnauzer barking on the far side of a big fence. Besides providing a good laugh, the scene led to inspiration and healing.

Take another look

From aggravation to appreciation—who would have guessed that a noisy group of skateboarders might set off such a progressive train of thought (and prayer)?

Is good to be expected?

In a word, yes! You can count on God's provision during even the toughest of times.

A game that made a difference

What might prayer and alphabet soup have in common? The ABC's, of course.
your decisions
She'd considered committing suicide for months. Then one night she started thinking about escape instead. The switch set her free to live her life happily.


Dear Father—My joy does not dependUpon where I amOr what I do.

Race like the wind? Go right ahead

Here, an Olympic-hopeful shares how she prays to overcome the limitations of time and distance. Her insights aren't just for other athletes, though. They're for couch potatoes, too, and everyone in between.
The economy:high tide or low tide?
Testimony of Healing

Christian Science heals severe burn

At the end of two weeks, there was no evidence of the burn.

Testimony of Healing

Child's earache healed

The doctor smiled and said that praying was the better way.

Testimony of Healing

Complete healing following a fall

I discarded the cane after three weeks.

Testimony of Healing

I continued working on the project, and shortly it was completed.


"Under God's government, there are no conflicts of interest."



Annual Meeting of The Mother Church will convene on Monday, June 5, at 1:30 p.

Healing is essentially about love.

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