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Recently a reference in Science and Health glowed with new meaning for me. The author, Mary Baker Eddy, refers to herself in a passage that reveals her innate tendency to share. She writes, "As early as 1862 she began to write down and give to friends the results of her Scriptural study..." (p. viii). what struck me was that she didn't wait to share her first glimpse of spiritual reality. Even after her discovery of Christian Science in 1866, she didn't wait until her revelation was in book form before sharing it. At that point, Mrs. Eddy's desire was to help the whole world realize that all true being, substance, and intelligence is in God, Spirit, divine Mind, and that this understanding leads to healing. Never mind that she was largely a lone woman with a radical discovery and with many critics and skeptics. God had given her the revelation of Truth. Now she must share it with all who would benefit.

I asked myself, "How can I include more sharing in my daily rounds? What does it take for me to give Mrs. Eddy's writings and/or the Christian Science periodicals she established such as this one, to friends or even to strangers?" I'd become aware that, in my present locality, people were ignorant of, or indifferent to, the divine laws of spiritual healing, laws that Jesus himself demonstrated. Now I realized that my awareness of this void didn't permit me to ignore it.

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September 18, 1995

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