Walking with God

According to the Scriptures, Enoch's son Methuselah lived for 969 years. Suppose Methuselah retired and moved to the shore when he was sixty-five. Now stretched before him, as a friend once noted, are 904 years of fishing and beachcombing and trying to make ends meet on his social security benefits. How long do you think it would be before he got tired of the whole thing? Fortunately, there was no advertising then to teach Methuselah that his health might fall apart after a few years. The experience of Methuselah's father illustrates that God sustains man. Enoch increased in spirituality. His daily communion with God spared him the ravages of mortality, for his awareness of God's presence was so strong that the Bible talks of him as walking with God. Doesn't this provide all of us with food for thought?

The Bible refers to long life as a blessing, so what are termed advanced years must hold out something far more significant than merely enduring many days. The book of Psalms speaks of going "in the strength of the Lord," of awaking "with thy likeness," and of dwelling "in the house of the Lord for ever" with "goodness and mercy" following us all the days of our lives. Fear, loneliness, and illness are extinguished when we make a point of walking with God ourselves. There is no retirement from serving God, from glorifying Him, from being His witness. As we recognize this, we also realize that there is no retreat of God's goodness from our lives either.

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