Never ask for tomorrow

You don't need to look to the passage of time for the resolution of problems. God's goodness is available today!

Haitians have a proverb "Deye mon gen mon," which means, "Behind every mountain is another mountain." Perhaps this saying merely reflects a practical view of obstacles that must be surmounted tomorrow, but many people feel an uneasiness, even a fear, that they can never really be free of obstacles, that they can't progress. When we're feeling overwhelmed, we may be tempted to put things off—to say to ourselves, "I'll deal with that tomorrow"—with the vague hope that somehow the passage of time will make solving a problem easier.

Such attitudes would keep us from recognizing the good that is always right at hand. In my own experience more than once I've been stirred to change my perspective, to adopt a spiritual view that helps me see more readily the never-ceasing, never-fluctuating continuity of good.

"There is a lad here ..."
June 7, 1993

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