Valuing what we have to give to the periodicals

Writing for the Christian Science periodicals is not for "the other fellow" in the Church. No, and it's not just for "the experts"—the intellectuals, those with degrees in writing, or the best metaphysicians, either. Frankly speaking, the number of church members who write is never especially large, and the number and variety of articles needed is considerable. (Remember that The Christian Science Monitor religious article comes out daily, the Sentinel weekly, the Journal monthly, and there are monthly and quarterly editions of the Herald!) So you can see that great love and commitment are required of every member of The Mother Church in order to meet the ongoing need of the religious periodicals—periodicals whose purpose is to fill humanity's hunger for true words of healing and inspiration.

Every member of The Mother Church has had healings based on spiritual means alone. Every member of The Mother Church has had insights into God's nature and man's relationship with Him, which in turn have had transforming effects in his life. These healings and insights are not insignificant. But perhaps we need a new perspective on them in order to put them into testimonies and articles for the periodicals. Perhaps it's time to see more of their worth and our ability to express that worth to others.

Seed of faith
June 2, 1986

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