Late one summer I began to have problems with my back

Late one summer I began to have problems with my back. During the next few months the pain became increasingly severe. Then one morning in October I found I could hardly rise from my chair. With considerable difficulty I got to the telephone and contacted a Christian Science practitioner. His response was warm and reassuring. Furthermore, despite the report I gave him of my physical condition, the practitioner encouraged me and even indicated that it was possible for me to go to work that very day. As a student of Science, I understood that the practitioner was trying to open my eyes to the fact that nothing had ever really happened to me as the man created in God's image. However, since I could not stand straight when I made the call to the practitioner, I didn't see how I could accomplish my work as a university professor.

Nevertheless, after praying for myself for a short time, I did make the effort to drive to work. And upon arriving there, I realized that I was able to walk and stand freely enough to teach my classes that day. With the practitioner's prayerful support I was able to continue my daily duties, though the instances of pain and incapacitation continued intermittently for many months. During this period the practitioner directed my attention to many passages in Mrs. Eddy's writings. One reference was especially useful (Retrospection and Introspection, p. 61): "Christian Science reveals the fact that, if suffering exists, it is in the mortal mind only, for matter has no sensation and cannot suffer.

February 22, 1982

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