Matt passed the test!

Things hadn't been going very well for Matt lately. Some of the older boys were teasing him and the other younger boys on the school bus and on the playground. He was also having trouble passing his multiplication tests, and he was quite uncomfortable with an itchy rash on his face and arms. He had had the rash for days, and it seemed to be getting worse. Matt was a Christian Scientist, and he attended the Christian Science Sunday School regularly. He knew that God loves each of His children and gives to each only good, but he just didn't seem able to work out these difficulties by himself.

He and Mom talked about the troublesome rash, and they read from the Bible, "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." Gen. 1:31; Matt knew this discomfort certainly wasn't good, and that therefore it couldn't be from God or be real. But still it bothered him, and he even had trouble sleeping. One evening just before he went to bed, Matt and Mom called a Christian Science practitioner. She talked to both of them and then promised to pray for Matt. In the morning he was feeling only a little better, and Mom asked, "Matt, is there something irritating you?"

Testimony of Healing
Christmas Eve of 1977, I found my husband...
December 17, 1979

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