The dotted line

"Never sign your name on the dotted line at the bottom of the page unless you've read the fine print above." Sound advice for people who are prone to rush into business and financial agreements. Headlong plunges into contracts can be costly. In fact precipitous action is seldom desirable in any situation.

Perhaps people are now more alert to the need for prior thought. It seems that some have an increasing tendency to be cautious about committing themselves to long-term causes and relationships. Despite loneliness and an innate longing for real friends, they back away from marriage vows and even from any intimate relationship. Many apparently prefer a seat on the fence to a frontline position in a religious or worthwhile social movement. Rather than affirm their loyalty to a particular cause, they take the stance that they believe in it now, but who knows what new ideas may be just over the horizon? They are afraid to commit themselves and would rather wait and see.

Testimony of Healing
Sometimes when I have spoken of Christian Science to people,...
May 29, 1978

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