The Great Commandment

It is comforting to know that the demands of the great commandment, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind," can unfailingly be fulfilled by reflection of that Mind which is divine, not human. There is no reservation here, no consent to evade the demands of man's divine Principle, Love. To love God "with all thy mind" means that we gladly welcome the light of Truth into every corner of our thinking, well knowing that spiritual light annihilates the darkness of fear, impurity, false belief, and superstition of every kind. We shall never fail in our obligations to God if we realize that it is God, the one omnipotent Mind, who both demands and bestows perfection. It is scientifically self-evident that so-called mortal mind cannot love God, good; and that God cannot be obeyed by what Paul terms the "carnal mind," which "is enmity against God."

God can only be loved and obeyed by His own reflection. Thus it will be seen that, since God is All-in-all, there is no real obstacle to spiritual progress. All that needs to be overcome is the superstitious belief in an evil mind. The practice of Christian Science removes erroneous superstition and, day by day, reveals each one's spiritual pathway as clear and unobstructed. Unlike the old theological teaching, which attempts to fix obstacles of sickness and temptation in man's pathway and then expects these supposedly bona fide obstacles either to be circumvented or submitted to, Christian Science scientifically removes the superstition that in infinite, eternal God, good, evil could ever have had either place, power, or entity. Spiritually interpreted, the First Commandment is seen to be a statement of the unity of God and man. God's image and likeness alone can obey God's commands; and this obedience is supremely natural, easy, and always complete, for it is expressed by reflection. This being so, we ought gladly to surrender the supposition that man is separated from his Maker by any barrier or obstacle whatsoever.

Are we depressed, discouraged, variable in our moods, and swayed by beliefs adverse to Truth? Then, let us bind this great commandment, relating man indissolubly to the one Mind, as a frontlet before our eyes, our vision. Let us realize that it is perfectly possible for every one to obey the commandments of God; indeed that, viewed in the light of infinite Mind and its perfect manifestation, the real man, disobedience is a scientific impossibility. The seeming difficulties of mortals may be said to arise from the belief that they have a mind, a soul, a spirit, apart from God; and the solution to all these difficulties lies in the recognition that it is the joy and privilege of all to reflect the oneness, the allness of God, good, thus claiming and demonstrating the divine inheritance. God's perfection is the guaranty of man's perfection; and the holiness and health of God are the guaranty of man's holiness and health. God's purity is reflected by all His creation. We should feel gratitude, and not dismay, in considering the demands of this great commandment; for the apostle has truly said that "his love is perfected in us."

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March 11, 1922

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