My first visit to a Christian Science practitioner's office...

My first visit to a Christian Science practitioner's office resulted in an instantaneous healing of tuberculosis, testimony of which has been previously given in The Christian Science Journal. Gratitude for this remarkable healing was the light that shone in the darkness as I struggled through seven years of mental and physical depression in the effort to overcome a supposedly inherited nervous temperament, with its accompanying physical prostration and a tendency to frequent and violent headaches. Several months prior to my healing of this condition, when the pain and weariness seemed unendurable, the thought came, "If this belief has such obduracy that nothing but death can change it, then I will pass through that experience to find my freedom," and I began, in my thought, to prepare for that eventuality, quite unconcernedly, but as being one step in the right direction. But the very fact that I had surrendered all sense of struggle brought immediate relaxation, and the crisis was again past.

Some time later, in a moment of intense struggle, an incident occurred which marked the turning point in my study, and eventually in my healing. I was battling with labored breathing due to an acute cold on the lungs. As the breath came with a groan, the words that were frequently used to comfort others, came in address to the lungs: "You need not struggle so; Love loves you," to be instantly followed by a startled, "Love does not love the flesh," and then the unmistakable and never to be doubted utterance of Truth, "Love loves everything that is!" and, as Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health (p. 123), "The verity of Mind shows conclusively how it is that matter seems to be, but is not." The light had dawned, and I immediately stood on my feet, entirely forgetful of my body.

Signs of the Times
June 4, 1921

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