BECAUSE of unmistakable glimpses of the Science of being, the perception of an actual existence here and now of that which is nonexistent to mere bodily sense, Christian Scientists are Christian Scientists. Their spiritual perception takes in a perfect spiritual universe, including spiritual man under the sole government of perfect and eternal Mind. Thenceforth their sense of government, be it in state, church, or family, is based on this fixed revelation of Christian Science and they know that in the administration of any form of government neither human will nor reliance on material means can truly avail. Rather do they seek spiritual ways and means, which the contemplation of and devotion to the idea of God's government will surely furnish. This is by the law of reflection.

All Christian Scientists have proved that denying ungodliness and unqualifiedly and lovingly acknowledging the supreme government of God has brought spiritual illumination, patience, peace, wisdom, long-suffering, and love into their experience. The exercise of these qualities constitutes good will to all mankind and produces a confidence in divine Principle before which no fortress of error will finally prove impregnable. The Christian warrior's assurance rests on the spiritual fact that God, good, does indeed govern all, is All, and that what seems an assault is the illusion of evil, which, resisting to its utmost the advancing spiritual era, will vanish with the new birth of the best and greatest. As Mrs. Eddy says on page 10 of the Message for 1900: Evil is illusion, that after a fight vanisheth with the new birth of the greatest and best. Conflict and persecution are the truest signs that can be given of the greatness of a cause or of an individual, provided this warfare is honest and a world-imposed struggle. Such conflict never ends till unconquerable right is begun anew, and hath gained fresh energy and final victory." In other words, the divine law in forcing latent, hidden error to the surface into human view lays bare error's false foundation, even the lie which would present God as changeable and man as mortal. When viewed through the lens of Christian Science the persecution of a righteous cause is a true sign of the nearness of Truth and its spiritual activity manifest in error's tormented cry: "Let us alone." Unconquerable right will end the conflict in Truth's final victory.

Since individual man, as Mrs. Eddy teaches, is a unit and as important as multitudes in knowing and doing right, he must accept the responsibility of self-government. Through obedience he simultaneously discovers the government by divine Mind of all right ideas or units and the consequent falsity of the claim of evil that man dominates man and that mankind's interests are divided. Jesus' words, "The kingdom of God is within you," point to individual self-government. The revelation of God's government in Christian Science meets its response in this true inward nature of man, hence the true activity is from the inward to the outward. This reasoning shows clearly that not through outward circumstance or influence is man governed, but rather through honestly and joyfully following his own upward individual conviction. Thereby to others is also willingly accorded their God-given right to self-government, and "to live and let live" becomes the natural, scientific rule of a life.

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June 4, 1921

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