About sixteen years ago, after a search of several years...

About sixteen years ago, after a search of several years for a satisfactory explanation of life and a way of solving its apparently many inharmonious conditions, I had become confronted with problems which I knew would require more than human means to solve. Periods of mental depression from which I had been suffering for some time were becoming more intense and more frequent, a growing habit in the use of alcohol filled me with dread of the future, and astigmatism and indigestion had become troublesome fetters, although the latter seemed insignificant when compared with the mental problems, as I found later that the physical discord was but the effect of the mental state.

Many genuine attempts had been made to obtain the needed help from religious denominations, but with no lasting benefit. Specialists in materia medica were tried, and also various philosophies which seemed promising, but nothing was found sufficiently substantial with which to meet the conditions in their persistent expression of discord. One evening, when it seemed as though the entire brood of human fears and passions had passed my power of resistance, I suddenly came face to face with the terrible conviction that everything worth trying had been tried and had failed.

Testimony of Healing
With heartfelt gratitude I give my testimony of healings...
June 4, 1921

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