THE word demonstrate is defined thus: "To establish so as to exclude possibility of doubt or denial," and demonstration: "Proof beyond possibility of doubt." A demonstration of Christian Science is proof of the will of God beyond possibility of doubt or denial. This absolutely shuts out human will, self-will, and egotism as a factor in Christian Science. In studying the works of Christ Jesus, with these definitions in thought, one will see that the Master never had a doubt of the result of his work, no matter what mortal mind seemed to say. To Lazarus he said, "Come forth," knowing beyond the possibility of a doubt that Lazarus must do so; and Lazarus came forth. To the man with the withered hand he said, "Stretch forth thine hand," and the man stretched it forth healed. To the disciples he said, speaking of the loaves and fishes, "Bring them hither to me," and with these he fed five thousand men, besides women and children. He never doubted or denied the omnipotence of God, and because he did not he demonstrated this omnipotence, as it was needed, because it is Mind's natural, normal law to be present.

Our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, did the same thing in all her works. One example may be cited,—the building of The Mother Church. It made no difference what mortal mind said and tried to prove. She proved, beyond possibility of doubt or denial, that it was God's will that true building should go on. She did not doubt, she did not give way one inch to mortal mind, but she knew that the true unfoldment is irresistible. With these examples before us, how can we fail in our demonstration? What difference does it make if the enemy tries to make us believe it has power? Has it any power? No! and the only power it can seem to have is what we accord to it, in our own experience, by accepting it as real. What we accept cannot affect our neighbors, it matters not how close they may be to us. Has error the elements of power? Has nothing the elements of something? Ask yourself these questions; then think out the answer.

Our Mother
May 7, 1921

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