After many years of material thinking and living, in...

After many years of material thinking and living, in which I indulged in all of the so-called material pleasures to the full and was in bondage to false appetites, I found myself debarred by my own thought and that of others from following my calling, that of an accountant. Two reasons were urged for my not doing so; namely, age and eyesight. It was impressed upon me in season and out that I was past the age where I could be used, and when I discovered a failure of eye sight I felt I was surely done for. In discouragement I sought other ways of making a livelihood for myself and family. The struggle grew harder and more bitter, but I felt that nothing could or would stop me from providing for my loved ones. What the consequences to me might be, I did not know or care.

A year previously Christian Science had been offered to me, but I was not ready to accept it, and even though the struggle just to live became more hideous and cruel I still did not feel ready. It seemed necessary for me to be "beaten with many stripes" before I would awake, but I am grateful now for the experience, for it taught me many valuable lessons. At last I turned wholly to God. When everything was gone and I had no work nor prospect of any I made my appeal to "our Father." As soon as this appeal was humbly and rightly made, while I was "yet a great way off," He who is ever present good had compassion on me. What a blessed and hallowed day that was. I was led to where I secured congenial work and in pleasant surroundings. Feeling, in a blind way, an immeasurable sense of gratitude, I sought to find a way whereby I might know God. Christian Science kept recurring to my thought, but I did not seem to want it. At last, however, through some impulse I could not define, I turned completely to it, without any reservation whatever, for I wanted to find God and to know Him aright. I sought and have found what means more than all material things, "the peace of God, which passeth all understanding." My turning to Christian Science was not for physical but for mental healing. I had studied many religions in an effort to find the truth, including Mohammedanism and Buddhism, but they were all as "a reed shaken with the wind." Since turning to God, as we are taught to through Christian Science, my every need has been met.

May 7, 1921

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