THE true idea of activity is of the utmost importance to the individual who would achieve success. Whatever or wherever his work may be he will find it very profitable to him to acquire the one right idea of activity, as revealed through the teachings of Christian Science, and then adhere steadfastly to this truth until it is manifested in all his affairs. To be active is to be energetic, vigorous, alert, ready; and activity comprises the maintaining of vigorous, alert, and ready action. To the consistent thinker the ever readiness to put into practice vigorous and alert thinking means achievement, and right achievement means success. The student of Christian Science finds an ever broadening manifestation of activity in all his affairs as he comes to recognize God, divine Mind, as the one cause of all right activity, and understands that God's idea, man, as effect constantly reflects and expresses good in all his activity. Therefore it becomes apparent that man, as idea, must be in reality always active, always reflecting and expressing good. On page 340 of "Miscellaneous Writings" Mrs. Eddy has said, "Be active, and, however slow, thy success is sure: toil is triumph; and—thou hast been faithful over a few things." To be rightly active, then, is to set about the task at hand with rejoicing because its perfect fulfillment is even now accomplished in Mind and is manifested to the one with the patient, persistent, and confident determination to carry out the direction of Principle as it unfolds. One must also steadfastly refuse to entertain as consciousness any false beliefs of sluggishness, laziness, disobedience, or inertness, which are the counterfeits and therefore the untrue opposites of true action as expressed in alertness, obedience, and faithfulness.

To be about the Father's business means to be constant and unremitting in our work of knowing, being, and doing good. It matters not if our progress seems slow, if the problem at hand seems difficult; it is only a seeming, and our success is assured as we rejoice in gaining a greater understanding of Principle, as we see every problem as opportunity for a sure victory for Truth. Surely this is what is meant by being faithful over a few things. It is our attitude toward the problems that are presented in our daily living, our activity in working them out, that decides just how much of Christian Science we are demonstrating, just how much of right activity we are expressing, and just how steady and sure our progress is.

May 7, 1921

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