Some time ago I found myself, according to the human...

Some time ago I found myself, according to the human sense of things, a total and abject failure in a business way, and pretty much so in a physical way. I had, as it appeared to me then, been deprived of many deserved opportunities by an unkind fate or an ill arranged world, and been cheated out of others by the selfishness of men, and lost still others through my own shortsightedness in earlier years; in short, mine was the same sort of story that thousands of other men of about my age tearfully whisper to themselves. An advertising writer by profession, I had drifted out of touch with the business in an attempt to establish another sort of business of my own, had lost all my money and gone into debt to boot in this enterprise, and then, attempting to find employment in my old line of work, could find absolutely nothing to do. To the bustling advertising world I represented only a "has-been," while for other lines of work I could show no training or aptitude.

Having exhausted every human resource, and being what the world calls "down and out," I turned to Christian Science. Within a few weeks—less than three, I know—of my first treatment I was offered, without any solicitation on my part and from a most unexpected source, a piece of work along lines I had never thought of at all. Nevertheless, as it promised me two hundred dollars in cash I undertook it, and it was performed with an ease and satisfaction that was astonishing. On its heels came another opportunity, then another, and another; in fact never from that day to this have I been without something to do that I could do, and never has my work paid me so well in money, nor was I ever at any time in the past able to do such good work as it is easy for me to do to-day. I have been able to pay up all my debts and have money ahead again.

Testimony of Healing
Five years ago last November I turned to Christian Science...
January 22, 1921

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