It is a wonderful thing after years of weakness, unrest,...

It is a wonderful thing after years of weakness, unrest, and struggle to find that God takes "no pleasure in the death of him that dieth," that it is not God who makes our hearts sad, and that we need never struggle in vain for health, joy, or prosperity. This wonderful thing has come to me through the study of Christian Science.

Like many another, I searched in my childhood for God. He seemed to be in the flowers and hills, but not with men. Never did I hear Him referred to as present, nor did His name enter into common conversation and daily action. I sought Him in Sunday school and church, but the ignoring of the command to heal and the power given to matter seemed illogical and inconsistent with the Bible. There was nothing that taught me how to pray the prayer that "availeth much." Later, when in the university, I sought the power of mind in the study of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, and Hegel; but the end of every course left man with doubtful immortality, and reason limited by time and decay. All this while I was battling against general weakness, overwhelming fatigue, sore throat, or some other ailment. I never felt well. Doctors told me repeatedly that I was working too hard, and that a breakdown was inevitable. Then my sister contracted tuberculosis of the lungs. Everything that medicine could offer was tried, but to no purpose. For her sake I began to study Christian Science. Another sister fell ill of the same disease. The two passed away within three months of each other. In the meantime my trouble had been diagnosed by two physicians, one a noted specialist, to be the same disease. I was told that it would be fatal for me to go back to work. A Christian Science practitioner told me that God is my Life. Clinging to this, I went back to work. Though often the sense testimony seemed terrifying, I never stopped working, and at last the belief of sickness was replaced by the fact of health, and I knew that I was well.

Testimony of Healing
Having never sent in my testimony of healing through...
January 22, 1921

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