To the sincere student of Christian Science, the greatest joy, the deepest happiness, lies in acting in obedience to Principle. In the practice of peace, love, compassion toward all men, in the endeavor to judge righteous judgment in all things, in the striving to curb for one's self all the lusts of the carnal mind, all malice, passion, hate, envy, covetousness, deceit, slothfulness, lack of moral courage, fear, and the like, come happiness and gladness, the sweet and certain sense that God is all-powerful Love, that man, His perfect child, Mind's immaculate idea, can know, can feel, no error.

True joy and satisfaction must ever follow obedience to the commands of Christ Jesus. How many times, in the Scriptures, are we bidden to rejoice! "A man of sorrows" Jesus was called; but it must be a source of satisfaction to all Christian Scientists that the revelation to Mary Baker Eddy, which she gave to the world, of the Principle which inspired the life and work of Jesus, has eradicated the concept of Jesus as a man of sorrow, and replaced it with the thought of him as a man of joy, whose words and example to all were of peace, compassion, brotherliness, love, rejoicing.

January 22, 1921

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