This testimony is sent in gratitude for all that God...

This testimony is sent in gratitude for all that God has done and is doing for me through the study and application of Christian Science. When it was first brought to my notice I was suffering from a supposedly incurable internal trouble, due to climatic conditions in a hot country, and was a physical wreck. I was sent from place to place and had many doctors who were kindness itself, but who pronounced my condition hopeless if I continued to live in the East, and I was finally sent to England. After eighteen months, and not feeling much better, I met a friend who told me of Christian Science. We had not met for some years and it was a great surprise to see her well, instead of suffering. I then felt convinced that if God healed one, He would not withhold the healing from another. This caused me to read and to try Christian Science with the hope of healing, also to learn more of God's power and willingness to heal.

The parting of the ways came and I had either to trust divine Love entirely for my safety and my health, or to depend once more on drugs and other material methods, which so far had not proved beneficial or effective. The tenth verse of the third chapter of Malachi was my support, and with the Bible and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, I decided to go out East once more, and shortly after this I was again in the very country I had been warned would be fatal to me were I to return to it. In a short time fear left me, medicines were discarded one by one, and my outlook on life, completely altered, gave me fresh hope and courage. The Bible opened as a new book, and from the study of Science and Health the realization of man's unity with God so filled me with confidence that fear of disease lost its power, and healed me then, though I was not fully conscious of this until some other things such as severe headaches, indigestion, jaundice, and fever had yielded to some measure of understanding of God's unlimited love and the powerlessness of disease trouble God's law of eternal good. Then I knew the internal trouble had been overcome, that healing had taken place, and that neither climate nor country had any power to make God's child sick or diseased. All this time the Bible and Science and Health were my only helpers because I did not even know that there were practitioners to whom one could turn for help, and certainly not another Scientist, though after a while I met several to my joy and comfort.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a heart overflowing with love and gratitude...
January 8, 1921

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